Pew flower arrangement is the first step towards giving you a wedding ceremony and reception theme. It is one of the easiest ways to add charm to your ceremony, in the particular wedding ceremony. It has many symbolic meanings. And it is also very beautiful to look at. And it will give you the best result if you are willing to learn how to do it and how to decorate them with your style.


The most important is the wedding theme. And amok skywards into the doublespeak. There was unenlighteningly in the doublespeak; it was surprisingly very much insignificant to use pew flowers for weddings, a pew or two of these would have been enough to make a complete statement. Therefore, you have to select carefully the type of flower that will suit your ceremony and reception theme. But it must be following the style of your wedding ceremony and reception. So make your decision and do some research well before you make that decision.


The first consideration should be the size of your wedding flowers. The size of the petals should be in proportion to each other. And the arrangement of the petals must be proportional to the size of the petal. A good rule of thumb is to consider the size of your wedding petals as the same as the diameter of your wedding ring.

It is better to get some tips from a professional florist regarding the size of your pew or flowers. You can buy a template online, which is helpful if you are planning for your wedding ceremony and reception, and that will assist you in making the most appropriate design.

Pews are made with different shapes and sizes. The size of your pews must also be considered and it will determine the shape, length, width and height of the wedding petals. The width of the pew, however, should not be wider than the height of your guests.

Pews should not be too big. They should be a little smaller than your tables if you are having a small wedding ceremony. The flower arrangement should not overwhelm the tables. However, they should complement the overall style of your wedding ceremony and reception. It can be as simple as having an archway and a couple sitting on the side of the aisle.

pew flowers for wedding ceremony

Flower Types

The type of flowers should also be considered. The flowers should not clash with your wedding ceremony and reception theme. You can mix up the flowers and the theme and make it an individual and unique way of decorating your pew or flower arrangements. It may be a nice idea to mix flowers to make the place look more attractive.

Pews are designed in such a way that it will not only look nice but also add beauty to the place. And so they look unique as well.


For your safety, it is best to check the pew before placing your flowers. Make sure there is enough space between the flowers to give your guests ample chance to move around the table without stepping on the flowers. You don’t want to damage the pew when it is decorated with a single bouquet.

Also, you should make sure to clean the flowers properly after you have used them on your pew. Use disinfectant so that you can avoid any spread of disease.

In the case of any damaged flowers on the pew, you should immediately remove them and replace them with fresh ones. to prevent your guests from touching them.

If the arrangement of your pew flowers is messy, you can opt for plain white paper flowers instead. This is the best option as it will not create any mess on the whole.